Saturday, August 27, 2016

Where do I Vegan?

Eeeek! It's been over a year since I updated this ol' blog of mine. I am sorry for not being consistent, y'all; I will try my best to update more often.

I wanted to share with you what has been going on the past 6 months of my life. For one, I am Vegan.....ish. I have not committed myself wholeheartedly; however, I am proud of the many changes I have made since I began this lifestyle in February, and if I had to label it, it is more of a Raw ’til 4 way of living. However, I am well on my way to avoiding meat and dairy altogether!

Secondly, our home is getting a complete makeover. Big. HUGE! I've always struggled with this, not knowing exactly what color scheme to go with, what art I should hang on the wall. Crazy enough, it took a change in my diet to realize that brighter walls, mismatched textures and all things rattan is what my home has been missing.

There's still plenty to do, like replace the carpet with hardwood floors, but I wanted to give you a sneak peak into what has been going on so far. The new items in my home were either Target clearance, thrifted, or purchased from the OfferUp app. The couponer in me still likes a bargain!

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