Saturday, May 16, 2015

DIY - [inexpensive] BIRD FEEDER!

One day, while perusing Pinterest, I stumbled across a bird bath and was immediately inspired....

Bird Bath, Pinterest.
We already have a bird bath in our flower bed, and the fact that I was in search of a bird feeder just days prior to my Pinterest find, I knew creating one similar to this not only would be less of a hassle but definitely less expensive. And, of course, more fun!

Supplies Used:
Basket ($1.00, Dollar Tree)
Faux bird ($1.00, Dollar Tree)
Plastic plant saucer ($1.00, Dollar Tree)
Hole puncher*
Jute twine*
Hot glue gun*
Glue sticks*
Bird seeds ($3.xx, Walmart)

(*Items I already had on hand; however, they can be found at the Dollar Tree)

Using the hole puncher, I punched 4 holes in the saucer (as seen below). Then, I fed jute twine through those holes as well as the basket to make it more secure. I combined and tied the twine at the top [for it to hang from the pole]. The faux bird came with a clip underneath - which I removed and replaced with a bit of hot glue before attaching it to the edge of the saucer. Add bird seeds and you've got yourself a bird feeder!

Took me less than 15 minutes to make!

Happy Spring and Happy Weekend to you All!