Saturday, March 8, 2014


Recently, I have been pinning so much stuff on Paleo & Gluten-Free that it was meant to be when I stumbled across this GLUTEN-FREE BIBLE book at Target. Want to know what's funny? It was nowhere near the book department. It was sitting by its lonesome as if someone changed their mind and threw it on a random shelf.

Yeah, uhm, I'll take that - Thanks!

After I finished my, ahem, Chick-Fil-A dinner, I had the nerve to want some Ice Cream for dessert. I mean, Geez, it was already bad enough that I ate some fast food (in my defense, it was a Grilled Chicken sandwich, so it's totally OK, right? Right?!), but some Rocky Road ice cream was calling my name. I had intentions on heading to the nearest 7-11 to get my fix.

But first, I started to browse through the book and then I saw it....

...the Banana Split Breakfast Bowl.


You want to know what's even more funny? The fact that I had ALL of the ingredients for this recipe - with the exception of the vanilla yogurt. Greek Nonfat Yogurt will do, and it ;-)

You see those Dole Pineapple Chunks up there? Yeah, I'm pretty proud of those Chunks, guys. My latest hobby in Couponing got me that can of Pineapples, along with 2 other cans, for less than $1! Yuuuup.

Shortly after realizing that I had everything for this recipe, I instagrammed about it went into the kitchen to get started.

I took a picture of the recipe so that YOU can enjoy this goodness, too.


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  1. This looks really delicious, except I would probably remove the bananas... they've never been my fave, which is why I don't like banana splits. :-)


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