Tuesday, November 5, 2013

DIY: Spiked & Bejeweled Tray!

Ev'ry time I come around your city, Bling-Bling!

This easy, inexpensive and fabulous tray can be used as a drop zone for your keys, wallets, etc.

And it can even be decorated for the Holidays!

This project cost me around $12 to make! Looks expensive & chic, right?!

What You'll Need:
Spiked Studs (available at Michaels $2.99)
Decorative Paper (available at Michaels $1.99)
Acrylic Tray (available at Michaels $3.99)
Jewels-On-A-Roll (available at Michaels $2.99)
Hot Glue Gun
Glue Sticks

Simply adhere the jewels-on-a-roll around the entire tray (using a small amount of glue in each corner). Same thing goes for the decorative paper - instead of inserting it into the tray, I glued it face up on the bottom - gluing each corner. Glue the studs/beads on at least 2 inches apart, or every other 8th jewel. That's it!

Decorate it with your favorite things, sit back, stare at it and give yourself a pat on the back!

I was very much inspired by Cuckoo 4 Design to create this project. Head on over to her page to check out her awesome tray!

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