Thursday, September 5, 2013

DIY: Decorative Pumpkin - a Sam's Club KNOCK-OFF!

I'm sure I speak for most people when I say that us Pinterest lovers are really starting to look at things a lot differently, aren't we?

I mean, seriously....

A few weeks ago, I was at the park with my daughter when I began picking up pine cones. I said to myself, "Self, Log onto Pinterest later and figure out something creative to do with these things."

And coincidentally, during a quick run into Sam's Club hours later, I came across these beauties.

I knew right then and there how I'd put my pine cones to good use.

What You'll Need:
Pine cones (FREE!)
Twigs (FREE!)
Artificial leaves & flowers (4 in a pk.) ($1.00 ea.)
Battery operated clear lights ($2.99)
Glue gun
Glue sticks
Halloween Pumpkin bucket ($1.00)
Brown felt ($.23 each)
(These items are available at your local Wal-Mart, Dollar Tree & Michaels)

Earlier this week, I used my glue gun to adhere the entire pumpkin with brown felt. By doing this, it will camoflauge with the twigs.

This is optional, but I added burlap to cover up the top and most of the inside.

Using gold glitter glue (already had - but is available at your local dollar store, comes with red, green and silver, too!), outline your pine cones.

5,6, pick up sticks. 7,8, lay them straight. Take a walk around your neighborhood/local park and pick up twigs. I realized the [twig] template above was not even necessary. I used it to measure the pumpkin and to make it easier for me to cut the rest of the twigs for the right size, but each are different in shape and size and some are not as flexible.

With that being said, you can see that it is not "perfect" and some twigs are broken. And that's OK!

Start gluing on the leaves and flowers.

With the extra twigs you may have, stick them into your pine cones so they'll stand tall inside the pumpkin. I found this to be much easier than having to glue the pine cones onto the outside of the pumpkin.

Carefully wrap the lights around the pumpkin, then hide the battery inside. That's it! All done.

Hope you like it as much as I do.

Happy Fall, Y'all!


  1. Very cute!

    I didn't know there was such a thing as a "quick" trip into Sam's! Haha

    1. Hahahahaha! You're right!! I should edit that sentence. LMAO! I try to stick to 4 things: toilet paper, dawn dish soap, paper towels and bottled water - but yeah, that never happens. ;) Thank you so much fo reading!

  2. What an amazing project, love that you looked at your plastic pumpkin and saw this! Really great project.
    I linked over from the Happy Housie Link Party where I am participating too links # 93-Quilled School Bus and 94-Keep Calm Free Printable and would love it if you'd stop by.
    Hugs, Antonella :-)


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