Sunday, August 25, 2013


Happy Sunday!

After a wonderful Church service this morning, my Mother, daughter and I spent some quality time together. My Hubby and I drove separately just so I could do this very thing with my Mom, who met us at Church.

So when the Hub drove off to get his haircut, the 3 of us made our way to Panera Bread and enjoyed our delicious salads and chatted about life lately.

Panera Bread is so good! Want to know what's even better than Panera Bread? ...MICHAELS!

...which happened to be right next door, by the way. #winning!

Seriously, it's one of my happy places. I'm a woman who'd much rather be at Home Depot, Michaels, Wal-Mart (doing grocery shopping!) as opposed to spending money at the mall buying clothes and shoes. Always been that way.

I was on a mission to buy some washi tape, but was disappointed with the selection they have so I'll search online in hopes for more varieties. But oh, we didn't stop there. It just so happened that infamous $1-$5 aisle pulled me in, just as it would if I were walking into Target. Got a few things there. I just love that place!

My Mom asked me to make her some flower pens, so for starters, I purchased this floral stem wrap tape for $1.99.

I decided I'd go to my local Dollar Tree store to purchase the rest of the supplies.

Pens (10 pk.) - $.50
Artificial flowers - $1.00
Glass gems - $1.00

I removed the cap from the pen, scribbled on a piece of paper (to ensure the pen works!), then started wrapping the tape around the pen, like so...

Using a pair of my Hubby's pliers, I was able to easily cut the stems of the flower, then I aligned it on the pen and wrapped it again with the tape.

In a mason jar, I added some glass gems and stuck the pens inside.

Thank you so much for stopping by!